We have lift off!

Thank you for being here, I'm Jenny...welcome to my little nook of pretty pictures and creative captures. Please have a click around and see what I'm all about, if you think we're a good fit I'd love to work with you. Keep your eye on here for updates there's so much more to come :)

A bit about me...

My calling as a photographer is to infuse fun and creativity into photo shoots, capturing fleeting moments of magic in pretty light that makes you glow. I hope to provide a session where you feel comfortable and seen, where you can be whatever you want to be. I want us to have fun but also feel calm so I can capture images that show your true connections and personalities.

I am

A mother of 2 teenagers who make me proud everyday, my greatest achievement and the wife of a husband who is my biggest supporter in all aspects of life. We have a furry baby who provides us all with bottomless love and who's an integral part of our family now. I am a lover of running, it makes me feel alive and gives me a sense of calm at the same time. It can both clear my mind and also provides a space for my creative ideas to race around. I have a tiny addiction to drying flowers, I find it so satisfying preserving something so pretty for longer. The smell of sun lotion in salty air warms my soul, the beach is a little slice of heaven. I'm obsessed with Green and Blacks' Ginger Dark Chocolate bars and I could spend too much money on vintage jackets. I feel so lucky to have found photography and love the whole process, even the long nights of editing. I see a moment through my lens and I know where I can take that image and that sets off a little happy dance in my head.

I look forward to meeting you, let's create something brilliant!